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  • Memorycare
    Psychologist Park town North (Johannesburg) July 18, 2018
    What is Memorycare? Memorycare is a multidisciplinary mental healthcare practice offering specialist psychiatric services for people over the age of 16 years. We pride ourselves in our uniquely systemic and collaborative approach to diagnosis, treatm...
  • Kliniese Sielkundige (Dr Henry Haynes)
    Kliniese Sielkundige (Dr Henry Haynes)
    Psychologist January 26, 2017
    Terapeutiesedienste - Individueel & Groepe -Seksuele Identiteit -Identiteitskrisis -Trauma/Verlies -HIV/VIGS -Depressie -Stres -Lewens Begeleiding -Sterwensbegeleiding -Alkohol Afhanklikheid -Schizophrenie -Selfdood -Poging tot Selfdood -Egskeidi...
  • Medical Phsycollogy
    Medical Phsycollogy
    Psychologist Lynnwood (Pretoria) June 20, 2016
    Medical Phsycollogy Trauma ( discomfort after robbery / hijacking etc. ) Depression Anxiety Phobias Interactive discord Cell: 083 4592295 Email:
  • Registered Trauma Counsellor Tozama Nkonki
    Registered Trauma Counsellor Tozama Nkonki
    Psychologist Sandton (Gauteng) July 28, 2015
    Registered Trauma Counsellor Tozama Nkonki SERVICES OFFERED ARE: • Bereavement • Clients Diagnosed With Cancer • Counselling For Adolescents & Adults • Counselling & Formal Debriefing • Counselling Of Care Givers • Emotional Difficulties • HI...
  • Estelle Crause Clinical Psychologist
    Estelle Crause Clinical Psychologist
    Psychologist Bromhof (Gauteng) March 5, 2014
    We offer psychotherapeutic services for children-adolescents-adults. Also assisting individuals with Chronic/Terminal Illnesses & other Medical Conditions; Bereavement therapy; Psychometric Assessment; Psychiatric conditions; as well as Trauma In...
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